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Return To Training Rules

We now have all the information we need to return to training tomorrow (Tuesday 11th August)Once you have had your time slot confirmed, this will be the time available to you for the rest of August. If you have asked for a time, but you know you can’t be there, please let me know, as places are limited, and we don’t want anyone missing out who could have had your place. Please do not just turn up if you haven’t had your place confirmed. I will send emails confirming times.All students must arrive in their gi’s, as changing rooms will not be available.Spectators are not permitted in the hall.Students will be met at the bottom of the ramp, where their temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature of 37.4 or over will not be allowed into the hall.Students will then clean their hands with sanitiser at the entrance.Everyone must bring their own drink, which is clearly marked with their name.Anyone over the age of 11 must wear a mask to enter, and exit the hall, as well as when going into the toilet, unless you have a valid reason for not wearing one, but they do not have to be worn while exercising.Those who cancelled their standing orders during our time away can pay for classes as they go until September, when they must be set up again. Prices are £6 per session for seniors and £5 per session for juniors, and can be paid by contactless card machine.Exit will be via the fire escape at the end of the session, where students will use the hand sanitiser situated there, before club officials direct junior students back to the car park.Only one person at a time is allowed into the toilet, including children, so please encourage your children to use the toilet at home before leaving.Please ensure you either wait in the car park for your children, or arrive back for them in plenty of time, as the hall has to be completely vacated and cleaned before the next class arrives.All students must be insured, so please check budo passes for the expiry date. If they have expired, they must be renewed before training. Forms will be available, and payment can be made by contactless card machine.

Norman McCaffreyReturn To Training Rules