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New Mats and Possible Return

Hi guys. On Friday, while I was taking delivery of our new mats 😁 I met with a member of staff at the centre about a potential return to training. Whilst there is still a lot of uncertainty around when indoor gyms etc will be allowed to reopen, we are hopeful that we will be able to start thinking about getting back to class some time towards the end of July (or at least have a better idea of a rough date). This is by no means certain, as we will have to follow government guidelines on this, which we all know have been sketchy at best. What is certain though, is that when we do return, there will be a lot of obvious changes in place for a while. These will include things like only one adult being allowed to stay for each child or group of siblings. Only one person to the toilet at a time (with a parent for very young children). One way in and one way out of the dojo. Possible shorter class times to allow for smaller groups and room sanitising between sessions, and maybe on different nights than we are used to. This will be temporary, and is to fit around other users, as only one side of the centre will be opening up initially, so groups that usually use the function room, will be using the room we use for a while. There will be hand cleaning stations at the doors. Temperature checks will be made on entry with a contactless thermometer. There will be no cash payments (we now have a card machine). Then there is the obvious. When contact training is allowed again, students will initially keep the same partner throughout the session. Until then, classes will be based on fitness, kata and understanding of the fundamental movements and ideas of self defence ju jitsu. It will be strange for a while, but until normality resumes, we will make the most of it, and maybe even take advantage of the situation we currently find ourselves in. Stay safe guys, and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Norman McCaffreyNew Mats and Possible Return