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Lockdown Kata Competition

Over the last few weeks of lockdown, we have been holding online kata competitions in a private, members only facebook page. Below is this weeks post and results

The results are in for this weeks kata competition, but I would first of all like to say a massive well done to all those who have been taking part. It’s not just me saying it for the sake of saying it either! The evidence is there for all to see. If you take the time to look back over the previous weeks entries, you will see every person getting better and better every week. When we are in class, some train once a week, and some twice. There is an obvious advantage to development for those who train more, but what we can see her, is that when everyone has the same amount of time to potentially practice, those advantages begin to disappear, and become less apparent. This is evident for us as coaches and judges, as this is becoming tougher and tougher to judge each week. We are now having to look at tiny details, like is the block on the correct side all the way through, what is the none active hand doing, is the stance being maintained all through the kata? You get the idea. Anyway, once again we were blown away by the effort, and you have all made us incredibly proud. Thank you also to all the parents who are encouraging not only their own children, but all the other participants too. We really do have the best group! 😊

Please don’t forget to reiterate that they are all medal WINNERS!

Here are the results












Jack, Michael


Adrian, Filip

Well done everyone. Next weeks katas will be on tomorrow.

Norman McCaffreyLockdown Kata Competition