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Change Of Venue

So, 20 years after myself and Sensei Andrea opened our own little club in the old Halewood Leisure Centre on Barncroft Road, with around 5 students on a good night, tomorrow, now with over 100 students on our database, we will have our final session in the new(ish) building, as we move our Monday night class to the Arncliffe centre the following week, which in effect will then become Elite Ju Jitsu HQ. We’d like to thank all of the staff from Halewood Leisure Centre in both the old and new buildings, for all of their support over the last 20 years, as we move on the the next chapter of our clubs journey.
I should also mention that before we opened up the club in the centre ourselves, it was running for a few years before, under the guidance of Brenda and Dave Smith and Wayne Hudson, which is where I started my Ju Jitsu journey. So as you can see, our club has deep roots in that particular centre, and you will no doubt understand what a big decision this was for us, but we believe wholeheartedly that it is the best way forward.

Norman McCaffreyChange Of Venue