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A New Beginning

budo pass dave

Today was a very proud moment for me. 22 years after stepping foot into a dojo for the very first time, which was being run at the time by Dave Smith, Wayne Hudson and Brenda Smith, I have realised my dream of starting my own Ju Jitsu organisation, and today I presented Dave with the very first Elite Ju Jitsu budo pass, and lifetime honorary membership, as a token of my gratitude for being one of the trio who got me started on my Ju Jitsu journey. As of now
Elite Ju Jitsu is an independent organisation under the governing body NAKMAS ( National Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools ) I would like to add that this is no reflection on the WJJF, but merely me realising a dream I have had since first entering the world of martial arts. I would like to thank all at the WJJF, from Alan Campbell who was our first contact when we first joined the WJJF from the BJJA and was always very supportive of our club, Soke Clark, who was a massive inspiration to anyone who ever had any contact with him, and was also always very supportive, to Robert Hart, who is doing great things with the federation, and has also been a great source of support over recent years, and was very understanding of my reasons for setting up my own organisation. Hopefully EJJ and WJJF paths will cross again in the future, but for now I would like to wish all at the federation the very best for the future, and I hope I can earn a fraction of the respect that they have in the martial arts world!

Norman McCaffreyA New Beginning